Hi Year 4
Over the next few weeks I will expect you to keep reading lots of books and to keep up your reading stamina and fluency.
This half term, in guided reading, we will be studying poetry for the first 3 weeks so you can read the text from the slides or download the text from the internet.
I have put our daily tasks together on one powerpoint for you so you can do one task each day of the week or do two together in one day if you prefer. Some days you will need to click on links to other websites to do online challenges too.
In addition to the slides, I have done a video chat to help you to understand the tasks better. Unfortunately, you won't be able to click on the links in the video so some days you may have to open both together.
As this way of teaching and learning is new to us we would welcome your feedback and ideas of ways we can improve this further for you and please email if there are any problems.

Click here for a link to the video:

Tyger Poem