Year 4 Overviews

We hope your child does not have to self isolate, but we have produced two weeks of home learning for each year group in case they do.

In the case of individual children having to self isolate, we will be unable to provide feedback on work produced at home - our class teachers are expected to plan, prepare and assess work produced in class. However, feel free to email the year group email addresses for advice and we will be happy to help.

These activities are suggested for you whilst you are learning from home. Please feel free to mix and match or do alternative activities. There are so many online resources; these are the ones that we feel best match our school curriculum. We know that you might be working from home for several different reasons and it could be that you’re not feeling very well. If you’re feeling well enough, these activities are similar to what we are doing in school and should help you to keep up with the Year 4 curriculum.

If you have any questions, please email the address below. It will checked regularly by one of the year group team.

Isolating Home Learning Week 1
Isolating Home Learning Week 2