School Vision

Our ambitious, tailored curriculum extends beyond the classroom and the requirements of the National Curriculum, enabling our learners to develop skills and character that will help them succeed in life. Communication, collaboration, curiosity, resilience and reflection form the bedrock of this curriculum, equipping future citizens to contribute positively to society.

- We want our children to communicate in a variety of ways; to be confident with sharing their ideas, thoughts and feelings; to be excellent listeners who are able to empathise with others; children who understand how to debate, how to disagree and how challenge respectfully.

- We want our children to be open to new ways of learning, to learn from others and to actively contribute as part of a team. We want our children to recognise that we need one another in our communities if we are to be happy, successful and healthy – we can’t do it all alone.

- We want our children to be engaged, motivated learners, who have a strong desire to keep learning even after the school day has finished. We want our children to keep asking questions both big and small – to challenge existing thinking and to positively influence society.

- We want our children to face new challenges enthusiastically; to never give up when things get hard; to try again after receiving setbacks; to take risks and to be supportive and encouraging of others; to recognise their incredible strengths and potential.

- We want our children to reflect on their strengths to build a healthy positive mindset. We want our children to learn from both their successes and failures as real learning often happens through our mistakes.